Hi, I'm Michele Womble. 

In songs, poetry and prose, I share my journey into ever deeper intimacy with God, and invite you to also plunge in deeper and closer in relationship with Him.  

 I'm returning from a seven year hiatus from website, blog, and music and some things are still in process.  If you're looking for the brokenbreadandsmallfish blog, I am working to transfer it from the old address to this website. I hope to have it located here soon.  

My  three full length albums are each a concept album in a concept trilogy:  Transformation, Calling, and Ministry.  While each song on each album stands alone, the albums are each designed to tell a bigger story when listened to from beginning to end, and the albums stand together in a trilogy.  

I'm excited to announce the third album in the trilogy, the Transformation album:  

After Six Days 

After Six Days Jesus led them up on the mountain and was transformed before them, giving them, and us,  a glimpse and a taste of who He really is and the glory to come, and with that, a glimpse of the possibilities of our own transformation.  In part, that process is at work in each one of us even now.   These 10 songs are my response to that process in my life at the time that I wrote them. 

I would love for you to listen from the beginning all the way through.  Together, the songs tell a bigger, more powerful story of transformation.   If you only have time for one, I recommend “I Am Just a Woman”.  Joey (my husband) would recommend “Rise” or “Learn to Love”.


The Calling of a Priest (the calling album) starts with the passage where Jesus is calling Matthew, the tax collector, and my imaging of it into my own life, because for each one of us it begins when Jesus calls us.  Along the way it broadens to include our deeper understanding of our own calling - what He is calling us to -  and what that will cost us and mean for us, and His own calling and what it means for Him and us.    Starting with the moment of Him calling us, exploring this calling: for our High Priest Himself, from our High priest, and the calling to be His and part of a royal priesthood.  


A Few Small Fish (the ministry album) - in the title track both the bread and the fish are offered to the masses.  In these eleven songs I explore what it might have felt like to be the broken bread, and what it sometimes feels like and means to be passing out the bread and be the few small fish offered up.   

This album was my first.  We recorded it in a humble home studio.  Yet, in my heart, it is the culmination of the “Trilogy”.  Maybe one day I can re-record it with the quality I feel it deserves, but I like to think that it is, like its name, a few small fish, offered up as is and transformed into enough for those the Lord wants to speak to through it. 


Christmas is Wherever You Are is my Christmas single.  I wrote this song Christmas day, on the other side of the world, with some loved ones but far from other loved ones.  Now I am on the opposite side of the world and am in the same situation - able to celebrate with some, and far from others.  No matter where I am and who I am with someone will be missing.  Whether you are missing those who have gone on to the Lord, or those who are physically distant from you today, Christmas is Wherever You Are.                                                                                                                                  Listen to  Christmas Is Wherever You Are

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